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Tips & Tricks

Roasting a Whole Eye Fillet


Remove the fillet from its bag over a sink then place on paper towels. Pat dry then transfer to a board. Cut away the strip down the side of the fillet. If you start at the tail end, it will almost pull away to a point. Trim off the white sinew at the thick end. There is a small amount at the tip of the other side to remove as well. Don't worry about any fat left on the fillet, it will vanish when cooked and baste the meat as it melts.

Cutting Steaks

Now is the time to portion steaks if you don't want to cook the eye fillet whole. Starting from the thick end, the goal weight for an eye fillet steak (if it is the only meat in the meal) is 180 - 200g. Minute steaks are half that weight. Cut directly across the width of the eye fillet so that you are cutting against the grain. When you reach the thin end there will be one steak left that is long and thin. Butterfly this steak by cutting most of the way through the width in the centre from the smooth side. Open up the steak and secure with a piece of string.


Tying the eye fillet isn't absolutely necessary but does help the beef to cook more evenly. Tie the fillet by making a knot at the thick end of the eye with string, then loop the string under the fillet and pull tight all the way along the fillet. The trick is getting the part where the string folds all in a row. You can adjust the placing of the folds by loosening them then pulling tight again.

If you don't feel you can truss the fillet then simply fold the tail over so it is the same thickness as the thick part of the fillet and fasten it there with string. This way the tail won't overcook.

Roasting Whole

Ideally an eye fillet should be seared on the outside before being placed in the oven. You can do this in a large frying pan but I prefer to use the BBQ. Once the fillet is seared on all sides it can be left to roast at 180°C for 30-40 minutes in an oven or on low for the same time under the lid on a BBQ.

Cooking Degrees

To test the fillet for cooking degrees, juices sitting just under the surface should come out when squeezed for a medium rare. The juices will sit lower under the flesh for a rare. A medium eye fillets juice will sit slightly on the surface. You will need a longer cooking time for a well down eye fillet that should be very firm to the touch and not spongy. Did you know… there is no such cooking degree as medium to well done? A steak cooked past medium is well done.


Always let your beef rest before carving - around 15 minutes. Left covered in foil to rest, it won't loose too much heat. This allows the juices to settle keeping as much moisture in the flesh as possible. You will know your beef hasn't rested enough if juices start to seep onto the chopping board during carving.


Carving eye fillet couldn't be easier as the grain of the meat runs down its length. Remove any string from the fillet then cut slices of the desired thickness directly across the width of the fillet.

Whole Eye


Stripped eye


Whole eye sinew


Whole eye trussed

tail of eye

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