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Spanish Chorizo 3 pack


It's the classic Spanish sausage, made only from NZ grown beef and spiced traditionally with paprika and chillies. It looks bright red and it tastes red hot. Because they are already cooked, naturally manuka-smoked HOT SPANISH CHORIZOS can be eaten cold as a snack with drinks, in sandwiches and in salads. But the traditional way is to enjoy them hot. Include slices in an authentic paella or to top pizzas, dice them with nachos, add them to chilli beans and serve with sour cream. Make delicious kebabz, simply cut into 2cm thick pieces and thread them onto skewers with capsicums, mushrooms and baby onions. In winter you can add them at the last minute, whole or sliced, into casseroles, hearty soups, rice and pasta dishes.



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