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Brandy & Butterscotch Sauce


Wild Appetite’s humble beginnings started 27 years ago on a small blueberry farm in Matakana, a country village nestled in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island. Local produce grew in abundance in the rich, fertile soil and so all excess fruit and vegetables were preserved, pickled and turned into delicious sauces and condiments that are still sought after today.

Twenty-seven years later, Wild Appetite has matured into a vibrant heritage brand with national distribution and award winning export success, producing an exciting range of products enjoyed by food lovers in New Zealand and around the world.
Wild Appetite’s approach to the artistry of making sauces and condiments is to take good quality, natural and fresh locally sourced ingredients and turn them into innovative exciting flavours that can allow food lovers an easy way to turn any meal into a gourmet everyday experience.

Here at Wild Appetite we prefer to use fresh ingredients as opposed to preserved in order to optimize the taste and flavour of our finished products. All our products are free from artificial flavours and colours allowing great flavour that does not come at a cost.

Wild Appetite Butterscotch and Brandy Sauce 150ml is a magical union of melt-in-your-mouth butterscotch and brandy. Wonderful drizzled over hot Christmas pudding and cream. Pour over puddings, cakes, and chilled desserts. 


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