Aromatics Mushroom Thyme and Lemon Pesto 200g - Create Your Own Hamper - Condiments

Aromatics Mushroom Thyme and Lemon Pesto 200g



An Aromatics antipasto classic that you will love to have on hand to add the extra flavour to your dishes and sauces. Aromatics was started by Chef Noel Crawford, ‘The Saucerer’, in 2001. The initial recipes for our launch products had slowly been tweaked and refined during a 35+ year career in kitchens around the world. The launch of the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market provided the opportunity to bring Noel’s passion for flavour to a receptive audience, and they kept coming back for more. Since then, the Aromatics’ product range has grown, fed by Noel’s passion and the love of flavour that is still at our heart.

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