Proudly New Zealand owned, Champers Hampers have been putting the finishing touches on luxurious gifts since 2010. 

At the heart of our hampers is a crafted artisan approach and masterful eye for detail.

Foraging far and wide to source the best produce, we expertly explore the senses.

From the pristine pop of a preserve jar, to the smooth delicate taste of chocolate or creamy texture of cheese, every item has been considered to the highest standard.

On a mission to create a special connection with every hamper, we guarantee the love and care that has been put into every element.


How to be an amazing gift giver

 When it comes to gift giving most of us don’t realise that there is an art to it. We usually put a lot of thought into choosing a gift as we want it to be special, made memorable by the fact that the recipient may not pick it out for themselves or they make think it is too extravagant to buy for themselves.

Gifts are given to celebrate a special occasion or to acknowledge a personal or business relationship. Gifts are an expression of love, friendship, a thank you, thinking of you or “just because”.

When your recipient receives one of our gift hampers it evokes an emotional response as it has been sent thoughtfully and meaningfully with no thought of receiving a gift in return. It is an amazing, feel good experience for both the recipient and you the sender.

Although there are many public and personal events during the year that we celebrate and acknowledge there are times when “just because” gifts are extremely appropriate. If a friend, loved one or client loses someone or is going through a tough emotional time our gourmet food hampers are an appropriate gift idea and your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

Do what you know they want

The extravagance of buying an expensive box of handmade chocolates - would you buy them for yourself? Probably not, but how does it make you feel when someone gifts them to you?


A modern approach to gift baskets: gift hampers

Gift giving is a great opportunity to reinforce relationships. The perfect gift can lift a mood or improve a relationship. It can repay a wrongdoing or simply remind a loved one that you care and are there for them. 

At Champers Hampers we have a modern approach to gift giving. Our gift hampers and christmas hampers have moved away from the traditional gift basket idea. Our products are all 100% NZ made with 100% recyclable and reusable packaging. Generally, food gift baskets cannot contain perishable items however our specially designed chillatiners and overnight courier delivery enable our hampers to reach your recipient in perfect condition.

We would love to assist you on your art of gift giving journey because believe us when we say that we also receive the feel good experience every time we send a gift.